" Do not shy away from giving
a little because depravation is less than that "

School Objectives

Teaching Quran and Tarbiya Islamihyah/Islamic Education (Manners, History, Creeds)

Teaching Quran recitation and memorization

Parenting workshops and parent support services

Current Status:

  1. Fully non-profit school with admin staff as non-paid volunteers.
  2. School runs Year-Round. All months of the year. Students enrol in the school for FREE.
  3. Approx. 250 students with 50 classes and 20+ paid teachers.
  4. All teachers are professionally trained, hired and PAID.
  5. Estimated cost for the school per student is $200 for the program.

The school FULLY depends on your donations to upkeep its costs. Please donate generously.
Donations can be sent via emt (email money transfer e-transfer) or using Zelle payments to alkhutab@gmail.com

Detailed financial reports of the school are available for donors’ review. ​