Our School

Our Mission

Al Haadi School is committed to the holistic development (tarbiyah) of our students through a focus on humility, knowledge, faith and action. Humility is the means by which one humbles themselves to knowledge, knowledge is the means by which one apprehends the Truth, faith is a commitment to the Truth, and action is the practical manifestation of that commitment.


Our Vision

Our vision is to offer holistic development to students by facilitating academic excellence in an environment striving to uphold the monotheistic teachings of the Quran, the Holy Prophet (p) and his holy household (a). It is our vision to nurture students to acquire exemplary personality traits, develop a strong Muslim identity and be contributing members of a global society.



At Al Haadi School, our foremost responsibility is to ensure students receive a high quality of education within an Islamic ethos. Teachers are expected to develop lesson plans for their respective classes, and these lesson plans are constantly being refined and improved upon. Our educators are experienced and are committed to ensure students can tap into their potentials. Students are provided with a variety of learning experiences inside and outside of the classroom.

Alongside these regular lesson plan checks, teachers are also supported and encouraged to introduce materials that widen the curriculum content, integrate other subject matters, promote problem solving, encourage critical thinking, and include topics of interest. Careful planning and consideration is taken with regards to field trips and special school-wide events to provide inspiring learning opportunities for our students. We host a wide range of school wide events such as the Science Fair, Mother Language Day, Quran Recitals, Debates, ILM Talks and more. These events not only promote healthy competition amongst students, but also make learning exciting for them.

Alongside standard subjects, we also offer French from Grade 4 to 8, Quran & Islamic Studies from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8, and Arabic from Grade 4 to 8. 

Through our academic curriculum, our goal is to establish the centrality of intellectuality and spirituality in our students, equipping young Muslims with clarity on their beliefs and how they relate to the world in which they live. Visit Our Philosophy page to learn more.

Our Board

Shiekh Hussain Kaik

Religious Guide

Sister Hawrah Theheb

Co-founder and Educational

Sister Batoul Mourtaza

Curriculum Planning and
Teacher Training

Brother Azwar Khalid

Coordinator and Marketing

Sister Munjida Mustafa

Class Supervision Admin and Teacher

Sister Yusur Al-Shalchi

Class Supervision,
marketing and admin

Sister Riam Ghani

Financial admin

Sister Zainab al-Zubaidi

Intake and Assessments admin

Brother Ali Hamdan

Quran and Islamic Education
Advisor and Teacher

Sister Bounanah Gharbieh

Islamic Education Advisor

Shiekh Ibrahim Slaman

Quran Education Advisor
and Teacher

Sister Sahar Zahra

Class Sorting and Scheduling

Sister Hawrah Alayan

Admin Support and Teacher