Careers at Al Haadi

Thank you for your interest in employment opportunities with Al Haadi. We welcome resumes from prospective employees who want to work with us. Our policy is to keep your resume on file for six months and review it with respect to any job postings we may have. If an appropriate position becomes available you may be contacted for an interview.

If, after six months passes, you are still interested in being considered for job openings, you should re-submit an (updated) application. To submit your resume with cover letter, please send it to

Current Openings

To serve our ever-growing student body Al Haadi School has openings in the following categories:

Kindergarten Teacher

We would welcome an opportunity to meet applicants who are enthusiastic and dedicated to promoting quality education in an Islamic environment. Applicants must be caring, patient, responsible, mature and hardworking individuals who are genuinely interested in working with children and interested in pursuing a career in teaching in the future. Experience working with children in an educational setting is essential.

Elementary Homeroom Teachers and Subject Teachers 

We are looking for enthusiastic and productive teachers with a relevant academic background, strong communications skills at all levels and a proven ability to have a caring rapport with students. Al Haadi School has openings for elementary-school homeroom teachers and subject teachers for Computer Studies, Science, English, Mathematics and French teachers.

Responsibilities would include:

Teaching, assessing and supervising students inside the classroom and other assigned areas.

• Creating Syllabi that ensure the learning of values and formation of behaviors that are consistent with Ithna Asheri principles.

• Developing and executing lesson plans within established guidelines of the Ontario Curriculum.

• Advising parents of student progress for the purpose of communicating expectations and students’ achievements.

• Collaborating with other teachers and staff members in addressing instructional and /or classroom issues.

If you are interested in one of the above positions, please send your resume and cover letter to as soon as possible.

We will be accepting applications for the above positions until July 31st, 2022. We thank you for your interest in joining our team, however only successful candidates will be contacted for an interview in August.

Student Teacher Placements

Al Haadi Elementary School offers student placements for those who are completing their Teaching degree or Early Childhood Education diploma. Student teachers assist our teachers in a variety of ways, such as marking assignments and coaching students, and may even get the chance to teach a lesson under the supervision of a teacher. If you are interested in completing your student placement at Al Haadi, please send us your resume and cover letter at  

Get in Touch

Feel free to send us a message at the link below:

    Our Board

    Shiekh Hussain Kaik

    Religious Guide

    Sister Hawrah Theheb

    Co-founder and Educational

    Sister Batoul Mourtaza

    Curriculum Planning and
    Teacher Training

    Brother Azwar Khalid

    Coordinator and Marketing

    Sister Munjida Mustafa

    Class Supervision Admin and Teacher

    Sister Yusur Al-Shalchi

    Class Supervision,
    marketing and admin

    Sister Riam Ghani

    Financial admin

    Sister Zainab al-Zubaidi

    Intake and Assessments admin

    Brother Ali Hamdan

    Quran and Islamic Education
    Advisor and Teacher

    Sister Bounanah Gharbieh

    Islamic Education Advisor

    Shiekh Ibrahim Slaman

    Quran Education Advisor
    and Teacher

    Sister Sahar Zahra

    Class Sorting and Scheduling

    Sister Hawrah Alayan

    Admin Support and Teacher