In November, I decided to introduce sewing to my grade 4 class. Sewing is an art that has long been lost amongst kids and is no longer thought to be as important of a life skill as it was even just a generation ago. To introduce sewing to my grade 4 class, I decided on the most basic activity: sewing a button. The purpose of this activity was for students to first get used to sewing movements, before moving on to more complex sewing projects.

Things required:

  • Cloth
  • Needles
  • Thread
  • Scissors


During our sewing activity, some of the skills we focused on were:

Motor Skills

While older kids are likely more proficient with their motor skills, those who are slightly younger will still struggle a little when it comes to their fine motor skills. Sewing is actually one activity that can help students improve these motor skills, as well as develop hand-eye


coordination. Surprisingly enough, what I observed was students who struggled with handwriting were also the ones who found it hardest to stitch.

Cognitive Development & Inculcating Patience

Our sewing activity encouraged students to think and strengthen their problem-solving skills. In addition, becoming proficient with sewing takes time, and for students to become good at it requires them to have patience. Given that this is a skill that takes time to get better at, patience

Sewing Grade 4

and sewing go hand-in-hand.

Life Skills

Perhaps one of the most important things learned from sewing is the simple survival skill; the

ability to sew a button themselves rather than being dependent on someone to do this task for them.


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