Kinders had a successful trip to the Superstore on December 9th, 2022. We started off by visiting the customer service area. The store manager, Jordan, greeted us and gave us a tour of the whole store. We stopped by all the sections of Superstore and Kinders and learned that Jordan’s store is divided into four parts – fresh, dry, dairy/frozen, and non-food. The students really enjoyed staring at the lobsters in the seafood area.

It was hard to walk away from the bakery area as everyone wanted to leave the store with their favorite cake! However, once they managed to get to the toy section, they could not control their excitement. They all wanted us to buy them a $400 toy and of course, we had some Kinders who were upset that we did not buy any toys. Jordan then introduced us to employees working in various departments. We spoke to Rafial, the meat section manager, and he told us about halal meat options in the store. We had a discussion with Amanda, who was stocking chocolates. Other employees stopped and greeted us and, told us about their jobs in the store. Kinders learned many different things about the store. Some of the facts Jordan discussed with Kinders about his superstore were:

  • He makes over a million per week in sales and close to 2 million around Christmas/Holiday season.
  • They have close to 60,000 chocolates in the store right now.
  • The baker/chef at the superstore starts her shift at 5 am to prepare fresh bread.

We all thanked Jordan, and left a gift to thank him for his time. After the store tour, we did a grocery store scavenger hunt. We visited the “World Foods” aisle and reminded Kinders of the cultural food we had discussed in class. We also discussed buying items that are cheaper and picking up popcorn that were on sale. Teacher Fatima treated the Kinders with one healthy food – popcorn and, one junk food – Kinder Surprise. We then ended our trip by donating a few food items in the food bin for the local food bank.   Alhamdulillah! It was an amazing learning experience for all Kinders.

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